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How to contact us?

You can simply call the number  +380967707140 (1*KYIVSTAR - the ukrainian mobile operator. 2*. Calls are accepted from 07.00 am to 23.00 pm all week in Kyiv timezone) and find out everything that interests You. Also You can keep Your time by reading the answers to the most frequently asked questions here. You can also email us at We will send the answer during 8 hours. Please do not forget to print or indicate Your contact details and first, last name, country and area of residence, contact phone number. If You write or represent from the legal entity please indicate the address, contact number, your surname, name, position, website and email.

Please note!

We can record our conversation with You, about which You will be warned at the beginning of the conversation or make copies of our digital communication.These records are privately owned and not subject to return. Within our capabilities, we will try to keep the confidentiality of our communication and not share it to third parties. * Note 1

We do not use the personal information we receive from You for any purpose other than communication with You. We do not transfer them to third parties. If You find a desire to break the cooperation with us, we will no longer contact You.* Note 1

In case You represent any legal entity, we reserve the right to verify the information provided by You on the truth. We reserve the right to verify all information provided by You from any legal open source. Providing false information is the reason for termination of any contact or business relations with You.

We never call You and we do not offer anything. Our true and up-to-date contact information is only listed on this site under How to contact us?

The fact of Your communication with us is a confirmation that You have become acquainted and agreed to our terms. We always ask whether You have read this information.

In the event that You do the acts that are similar to the crimes in accordance with the current legislation or law, we reserve the right to break any business connections with You and notify the police.

Please beware of scammers. We only contact You through the contact details listed here. Our call back number is +380967707141 or +380916114423

What do we offer?

We, the united group of volunteers and artist ,united by a common vision of the need to add something new and beautiful to this wonderful world offer You to buy from us products of great artistic value and quality among a wide range of choices. You can buy both finished products presented on the site and others, from an additional catalog available to order. We also take orders at Your request at moderate prices of various artistic and technical complexity. We work in the field of decorative and similar arts: various scenes from life, the individual and family portrait, landscape, pets and marine subjects, religious theme, historical, hunting and design themes. There is no impossibility for us. Call, write, share with us Your plans, and we will implement them properly. We are able to surprise You. You will be pleasantly impressed by the quality and high artistic value of Your dreams. You will be the owner of a unique one. No one except You will have thing from artist Volodymyr Kovalskyi and we are the only ones who can make all possible that Your desires become in reality.

How to make payments?

After all conditions and details have been agreed between us, You should make Your payment in case of... {*working on prepayment system (advance payment before delivery) because we avoid of fraud and additional expenses}

in case of Your own order - pay an advance amounting to 40% of the cost of the order + all necessary payments for its execution, if necessary.* ( The need for additional payments will be announced before the start of the calculation and depends on the complexity and technical implementation of the execution of Your order.)   Please note that due to Internet fraud and individual cases of cancellation of orders, which, however, takes time and others expenses, the amount of the advance received after reaching an agreement on the execution of Your order between us, in case of your further refusal of the order is not returned.  We hope for Your understanding and are ready for dialogue in case of unforeseen events from Your side).

in case of purchase of an existing product - the goods are delivered to the client subject to full prepayment of 100%.  We do not sell in installments and do not participate in any lending program. After confirming the accepting of the funds, we notify You of receiving the payment and deliver the goods to the agreed with buyer address during 15 days. All the time You can contact us and we will keep You informed about the status of the order. We use the services of private courier service that guarantees accuracy, quality of speed and safety in the transport of objects of art.

Methods of payment

Please note that we do not accept funds for goods and services by the following methods:

- prepaid vouchers or subscriptions, checks
- Paypal *We don't accept payments by Paypal because its financial policy does not allow to accept any payments on account to all residents of the country Ukraine. The citizens of Ukraine can only exercise purchases in Internet and on the Ebay. We can't use Your amount as a payment.
- cash transfer directly during the meeting and other similar options. 

Acceptable payment methods from Your side are sending a money transfer through the international payment system Western Union, Moneygram, SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer, card-to-card VISA or Mastercard money instant/direct transfers. We can only accept EUR or USD currency.  We send the requisites after the agreement of all the details of the order. Countries of possible delivery - EU countries, Canada, USA, China, EEA countries. Notify confidential or payment information only through official channels described by us at our website.

Please also pay attention to the following...

1) Transfers can be accepted only from the customer. We accept funds only from the client who made an order from us. The other person should not make payments.If we notice the difference in the data, the funds will be sent back to the initials of the sender, and the amount of fees for the payment by the bank will be debited from the sender's funds.We do not accept payments from third parties. There are no exceptions. When creating an order, we ask your surname, name, city of residence.During the negotiations, we provide this information for ourselves. Funds are deposited into the bank account of our order manager, not directly to the account of the author. This does not mean that the price will be higher due to the presence of a mediator. The manager performs his functions on a voluntary basis and does not make any payments, the cost of which increases the price of the goods. 
2) The cost of delivery is paid separately. You can view the information below depending on the country. Delivery is carried out at full payment of the cost of goods and delivery. The employee of the courier service has the right to request You to show a document for identification of the person and address: passport, driver's license, id-card. Delivery of the goods is carried out only to the customer who paid for the order.

The prices & sizes in  centimeters are written in 1-st comment below every picture of work on the pages with photos in category Gallery.Sale (menu of website) 

Delivery payments

Payments for delivery vary depending on the country. If the order is canceled during delivery, the shipping cost will not be refunded.

THE USA, Canada, China  = 1900 USD -delivery payment.

The United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. = 45 USD -delivery payment.


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